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 uNKNOWN~ Results

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PostSubject: uNKNOWN~ Results   uNKNOWN~ Results I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 10:39 pm

CFL - Clutch Fraggers League 09

Round 1: dod_salerno UNK 390 WAD 194

uNKNOWN~ Results Dodsalerno0000n
uNKNOWN~ Results Dodsalerno0001

Round 2: dod_fuel_ctf_b2 UNK 215 MM2 110

uNKNOWN~ Results Unkmmhalf1
uNKNOWN~ Results Unkmmhalf2

Round 3: dod_strasbourg UNK 26 MM 434

uNKNOWN~ Results 54809225
uNKNOWN~ Results 78859659[

Round 4: dod_cal_stug UNK 261 QQ 162

uNKNOWN~ Results Dodcalstugb10007
uNKNOWN~ Results Dodcalstugb10002

Round 5: dod_anzio UNK 1006 WADB 239

uNKNOWN~ Results Dodanzio0014
uNKNOWN~ Results Dodanzio0026

Round 6: dod_thunder_b3 UNK win by default

Round 7: dod_solitude_rats BYE

Round 8: dod_Argentan UNK win by default

Round 9: dod_Santos_B3 UNK win by default

Sail: Season 4 Division 2

Round 1:Solitude_match UNK 511 Spartans (curved) 86

uNKNOWN~ Results Dodsolitudematch0001
uNKNOWN~ Results Dodsolitudematch0002

Round 2:Santos UNK win by default

Round 3:Catania BYE

Round 4:Diversion UNK 187 S.A 341

uNKNOWN~ Results Savunkfh
uNKNOWN~ Results Savunksh

Round 5:Strasborg

SAIL Rifle comp

Round 1:Harrington uNK: 443 R2R: 82[u]

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uNKNOWN~ Results
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